Procedural Photos


 Using The SCOPE-TRU ALIGNMENT BAR To Align Windage Adjustable Cross-Slot Style Rings


  • Bottom Half Of Windage Adjustable Rear Ring Is Now Installed On The Base
  • Bottom Half Of Windage Adjustable Front Ring Is Now Being Installed On The Base
  • Using The SCOPE-TRU To Align Both Front and Rear Rings Into A Parallel Alignment With The Barrel Axis
  • SCOPE-TRU Laying In The Bottom Halves Of Both Rings--And Alignment Now Achieved
  • Scope Is Now Placed Into The Bottom Of The Properly Aligned Ring Halves
  • Installing Both The Front And Rear Ring Caps
  • Scope Is Now Installed So That It Is Properly Aligned With The Barrel Axis
  • Alignment Of Reticle Using The Sweany Site-A-Line Collimator
  • Scope Mounting Installation Is Complete And Rifle Is Ready For The Customer
  • A Veteran Installer Explaining How To Use The SCOPE-TRU ALIGNMENT BAR






   Using The SCOPE-TRU ALIGNMENT BAR To Check Alignment Of The Ruger Rings On A Ruger Rifle  


  • A Veteran Installer Preparing To Use The SCOPE-TRU ALIGNMENT BAR
  • Bottom Halves Of Both Front And rear Rings Are Loosley Set On The Receiver And Ready For The SCOPE-TRU
  • SCOPE-TRU Is Now Mounted Within Both Rings In Order To Achieve "Ring To Ring" And "Ring To Barrel" Axial Alignment
  • Final Tightening Of Ruger Rings So That Alignment Can Be Checked
  • SCOPE-TRU ALIGNMENT BAR Showing The Axial Alignment Of Rings To Barrel
  • Preparing To Remove The SCOPE-TRU ALIGNMENT BAR
  • Removing The SCOPE-TRU ALIGNMENT BAR After Using It To Assist In Aligning And Checking The Alignment Of The Rings
  • Scope Is Now Set Into The Bottom Of THe Ring Halves
  • Installing The Ring Caps
  • Scope Mounting Completed And Rifle Is Now Ready For The Customer


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